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In order to maintain the utmost security and protection of your medical records, Smart Medical has taken the following steps to ensure Privacy, HIPPA and PIPEDA compliance.

File encryption:

All audio and Text files are protected by 128 bit encryption, use of the application is forced to occur using this secure, HTTPS protocol (SSL - Secure Socket Layer) with 128-bit encryption strength.

Username and Password:

To access any data in the Smart Medical and its partner’s system, a valid username and password is required. All files are routed through our central data center to ensure privacy, integrity and reliability.

Audit Trail:

Each file is monitored by our audit trail. Each time a file is accessed, the event is recorded (IP address, user ID, date, time, elapsed time of event).

Non-Disclosure Agreements:

All Employees sign our comprehensive Non-Disclosure Agreement.

Limited Access Capabilities:

Employees have no ability to view or save any other file on our secure, audited server. Our firewall blocks access to any internet site other than select medical terminology sites.

Our Lawyer:

Murray Engelking
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